Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions concerning assisted and independent living. If you have any other questions not covered here, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What is the difference between Assisted and Independent Living?

In either of these settings, meals, housekeeping, activities, transportation, and similar services and amenities are provided.  The main difference between Assisted and Independent Living options is daily nursing care, such as medication management and assistance with activities of daily living.

What are the advantages of living in an Assisted Living Facility?

The obvious advantage is medication management and assistance with activities of daily living, such as reminders, bathing, and transferring.  An overlooked advantage is the social interaction with other residents who have similar needs and the staff who will provide assistance throughout each day.

How do people afford something like this?

When you take into consideration all the amenities of the facility and all the services provided by the staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the rates charged by most assisted living facilities are extremely reasonable.  If a resident has long term care insurance that covers assisted living, our facility qualifies.  For veterans and widows of veterans, a benefit known as Aid and Attendance can be an additional source of income to help cover the cost of assisted living.

How do I know if I qualify for VA Aid and Attendance?

In general, veterans who served on active duty during wartime, and their spouses, may qualify for the benefit when they have medical needs that warrant assisted living.  There are also income and asset restrictions applicable to the benefit.  We typically recommend that interested residents seek the counsel of a VA service representative or an Elder Law attorney to determine whether they are likely to qualify for the benefit.

Can I use Long Term Care Insurance at Mt. Carmel Community?

Yes, our facility qualifies for long term care insurance.  However, each long term care insurance company and policy is different.  Just because a person has long term care insurance and moves into a licensed assisted living facility does not automatically mean that person’s long term care insurance will pay.  Mt.Carmel has experienced, knowledgeable administrators who can help you better understand your long term care insurance policy.

How do meals work?

Mt.Carmel offers three meals a day.  Breakfast is made to order.  Lunch and dinner menus are published weekly with alternate choices available for those who prefer a different option.  Our dietary department is able to accommodate special dietary needs upon request.  Guests of our residents are also welcome to join them for meals at very reasonable rates.

My parent seems so lonely; what can we do?

One of the main advantages of a senior living facility is the social interaction.  The many new friends that can be made at meal times, planned activities, devotionals, and informal settings are very beneficial to a person’s total well-being.

What is the ratio of residents to employees?

The state requires a minimum of one employee to every 15 residents during the daytime and one employee per every 25 residents at night.  The ratio at Mt.Carmel Community, especially during the daytime hours, is a much lower ratio.  Not only is Mt.Carmel’s ratio for resident to employee very low, but our administrative staff is very well equipped and knowledgeable.

How do I know my parent is safe?

Mt.Carmel has gone the extra mile in providing a wireless lifeline in each restroom and living area.  Each resident is also provided with a wireless lifeline, in the form of a watch or necklace, which enables him or her to call for a nurse from any location on our property (including the courtyard area).

Are there any nurses at your facility?

Mt. Carmel's nursing staff includes a Registered Nurse as our Director of Nursing, along with several LPN's and multiple CNA's. We have care staff present 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.

What church are you connected to?

Mt. Carmel Community is not associated with any religious denomination, but is very much considered a "Christian Community."  Our mission statement is God-driven: to minister to seniors with a loving, caring devotion.

How can I make my apartment look more like home?

Residents are free to decorate their apartment or garden home. We all want to be surrounded by our cherished photos and our own furnishings.  Feel free to make your living space look and feel just like it did at your own home.