“Elijah’s Place” – Mt. Carmel Community at The Village’s Memory Care Center

Mt. Carmel Community is expanding our facility at Hot Springs Village to include a Memory Care program called “Elijah’s Place”.   Facilities of this nature are sometimes called an “Alzheimer’s Facility” or “Memory Care Center”.  We’ve been asked why we chose to call our Alzheimer’s wing, “Elijah’s Place”.  Obviously, Elijah played a major role in the Biblical story that took place on Mount Carmel.  Elijah was a man who trusted God even when he faced what seemed to be insurmountable obstacles that challenged his faith.  However, Elijah demonstrated patience, creativity, and persistence in overcoming these barriers.  While it is not our calling to explain all of the mysteries of Alzheimer’s and dementia-related disorders, at “Elijah’s Place”, we intend to pattern our vision of caring for our resident’s after these very same qualities.  In accordance with our corporate mission, to provide God-driven care, it is our intent to offer a safe, supportive, structured, and loving environment, known as “Elijah’s Place”.


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